Frequently asked questions

How this code generator actualy work?

  • This itunes code generator work realy and simple. Everything what you need to do is to choose your wantet itunes card and we will generate code for your request. Our system will generate the code and you only need to activate code before using. For example if you came from Europe like Germany our system will detect your country and will generate code for your country and currency, or that meen if you choose $50 gift code our system will generate and will serve €50 gift code


How much this service cost?

  • Our code generator are completly free. Everything what you need to do is to invite 5 people to activate your generated code and to enjoy in tons of premium staff


How to redeem received code?

  • To redeem your received code go in iTunes store, APP store and on the bottom you will see place to redeem gift card code and enter your code and click Redeem. When you enter your code balance will be updated automaticly.


Is this code generator safe for work?

  • Yes! Our generated gift card codes are totaly genuine and real and they work fine


I don’t receive my code or it doesn’t work

  • All our generated codes are genuine and work fine if you receive non working gift code feel free to contact us we will find solution for you shortly or if you receive your code and your code doesn’t work feel free again to contact us to solve your problem. Remember we are generating only one gift code per IP or that mean that only one vistor can get only one gift code.